About Me

Hello friends, welcome to my page! 

I'm a certified Reiki practitioner and licensed massage therapist. Right now, I call the Puget Sound area and Central Washington my home.  This is is my story.

The Beginning
I've had the privilege of working for several amazing companies that helped me grow both personally and professionally. After graduating from art college, I began working for a local salon & spa company at their corporate headquarters. The spark and interest for massage therapy began when I served as a client model for a few of their massage therapists.

My Personal Experience With Healing
As time passed and after a few injuries, I began seeing a musculoskeletal doctor who performed deep tissue massage therapy on me in combination with chiropractic adjustments. When my core treatment was completed, I felt like a new person! I realized how much pain I had been tolerating for over a decade! The pain I had been carrying affected my capacity to fully be present in so many moments of my life. My healing journey was taken to another level last year when I sought the services of a Reiki Master, who helped clear me of a dietary allergy that I had be suffering from. I want to share this gift and knowledge with others now. I believe that good health is a right, not a privilege!

Making It Happen
I spent a few years of working in public healthcare at a few hospitals around the Greater Seattle area and began volunteering for a few harm reduction organizations along the West Coast. My experiences while working with the public helped me realize the level of suffering that exists amongst our society on a larger scale beyond the physical. It inspired me to have a more direct influence in the the lives and health of others. I contemplated several occupations from nursing to counseling to medical assisting to social work. I went back to my root idea and was able to figure out a way to attend massage therapy school while still working full time at the top hospital in the state.

Why I Do What I Do
The most rewarding part of this journey is that often times I get the chance to see my friends and family improve while in a practice session or after we are done! I also enjoy sharing with others about my story or about my own self care.

What I’m Doing Now
I received my Reiki Master Teacher Certification in Portland, Oregon during January of 2019. I graduated from a clinical massage therapy program at Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in May of 2019 and received my WA massage therapy license in November 2019.